Message contact

Message contact

Once you order a cab through S.RIDE and the vehicle is confirmed, you can use the message contact function between you and the crew.


While driving, it may not be possible to check or reply to messages from customers immediately.
If a loaner vehicle is arranged due to an accident or trouble, the message exchanges up to that point will not be shared with the loaner vehicle.

Message contact with canned messages

1. press the "Message" button
2. press the message you want to send from the canned messages

Message with location details

1. Press the "Message" button
2. Press the "Location Details" tab and press the "Enter with keyboard" button.
3. enter the details of the location you are waiting for, such as landmarks, etc., and press the "Send" button.

You can freely enter up to 30 characters.

The message "Waiting at" will be automatically appended to the end of the message and sent to the crew.

If you send a message other than the location in the "Location Details" field, the crew will not be able to reply to your message.

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