Reservation dispatch

Reservation dispatch

About reservation dispatch
With reserved taxi dispatch, you can set a time in advance to call for a taxi ride. You can order a cab by specifying a date and time in advance according to your schedule. You can specify a date and time from 6 days to 20 minutes prior to your ride.

Areas covered
Tokyo 23 wards, Musashino City, Mitaka City
Usage fee
In addition to the taxi fare, a pick-up fee will be charged.
Please see Taxi fare for details.
Payment Method
Online payment only (CAB CARD mobile payment also accepted).
Apple Pay, QR code payment, in-car payment and RingoPass are not available.

How to use
launch the S.RIDE application and press the "Reservation/Airport" button.

2. Please set up the details of your pick-up address.
The cab will pick you up at the location of the root of the pin. The location of the pin can be moved. You can also enter a detailed location by pressing the pick-up address. (Please place the pin as close to the roadway as possible to make it easier for the taxi to pick you up.)

Select the date and time of your reservation and press "Next".
You may select a date and time from 6 days to 20 minutes prior to your ride.
Depending on the location, date and time, reservations may be fully booked or no reservation slots may be available due to availability.

"Please check before using" will be displayed.

you can set the destination by pressing "No Destination Setting (Click here for Airport flat rate)". If you are using Airport flat rate, please be sure to set this option.

(How to set up for Airport Flat Fare)
Press the "Airport Flat Fare" tab and select the airport/terminal of your choice.

Confirm the reservation details and slide the yellow arrow from left to right to start the reservation order process.
(For regular reservation)

(For Airport Flat Fare)
*The name of the airport/terminal selected as the destination will be displayed.
*The fare type in the lower left corner will be displayed as "Airport Flat Fare" and the flat fare amount will be displayed.

Your reservation has been accepted.

An in-app notification will be sent to you one hour before your appointment time.
Please change your appointment time or cancel your appointment at least 20 minutes prior to your appointment time.

You will be notified when your vehicle is confirmed for pick-up. (You will be notified approximately 15 to 5 minutes prior to your appointment time.)
Reference: Message contact

When the taxi arrives, an in-app notification will be sent. You can check the current location of the taxi and reply with a message, so please keep the S.RIDE app open or open it immediately and wait until the taxi arrives.

Please make sure that the taxi company name and vehicle number displayed on the S.RIDE app match the actual vehicle before boarding. The driver will ask you for your name when you get in the car, so please use the name you have registered with S.RIDE.

Thank you for riding with us. We appreciate your cooperation in fastening your seatbelt. Please instruct the driver directly as we may need to confirm (reconfirm) the destination or the route to be taken.

upon arrival at the destination, the driver will settle the bill. The driver will process the payment according to the payment settings at the time of order. Please wait in the car until the payment is completed.

After the payment is completed, you may get off the car. Please check again to make sure you have not forgotten anything. Thank you for using our service.
(For regular reservation)
*The above figure is an example of using a coupon. (Taxi fare: 3,500 yen + reservation service fee: 1,080 yen + coupon use: ▲1,000 yen)

(For Airport Flat Fare)
*The above figure is an example of a fixed fare from Taito Ward to Haneda Airport Terminal 1. (Flat fare 8,400 yen + toll road 720 yen + reservation service fee 1,080 yen + coupon use ▲ 1,000 yen)

To change or cancel an reservation date and time

Precautions when using
Please note that the bus may arrive 1 to 5 minutes after the scheduled pick-up time due to traffic conditions or other reasons. Please make a reservation with enough time for departure.
When using reservation dispatch, company designation cannot be used. Company designation and vehicle type designation that are set as favorites are invalid for reservation dispatch. Please note.
Vehicle designation is available only for customers who are subscribed to S.RIDE Premium. (*We may not be able to meet your request depending on the vehicle conditions in the surrounding area. *Available from Version 8.0.0 onwards)
The target areas for reservation and dispatch are the 23 wards of Tokyo, Musashino City, and Mitaka City.
When using reservation dispatch, a reservation service fee will be charged in addition to the fare and pick-up fee. These fees will be charged to the credit card used when placing the order for reserved delivery. You cannot change to QR code payment later. (Reference: Taxi fares)
As soon as the specified boarding time approaches, the taxi search will start automatically. Once the taxi vehicle has been confirmed, the usage fee for the reservation dispatch service will be charged to the credit card registered in the S.RIDE app.
S.RIDE WALLET can be used as soon as you call, even if you have placed an order for reserved delivery. However, you cannot use S.RIDE WALLET from 20 minutes before the reservation date and time until the reservation order is completed. In the unlikely event that you arrive 20 minutes before the reservation time while using the Call Now or S.RIDE WALLET, the reservation will be invalid.
Cancellation fee will be charged in the following cases. The cancellation fee will be the same as the service usage fee.
If the customer cancels after 15 minutes before the reservation date and time
If the customer does not show up at the reserved date and time
This function is a function to call a taxi by specifying the date and time, so we do not promise that you will definitely secure a taxi vehicle by using this function.
Regarding service usage fee for reservation dispatch Please use the electronic receipt issued from the ride history in the S.RIDE app and print it yourself if necessary. Receipts (paper receipts) cannot be issued for service charges in taxis.

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