Service fee for reserved car dispatch

Service fee for reserved car dispatch

S.RIDE reservations incur a reservation service fee in addition to the cab fare.

For customers who are currently subscribed to S.RIDE Premium, the reservation service fee is waived.

Click here for more information on taxi fares.

How to confirm the reservation service fee (when ordering and before boarding)
You can check the details by viewing the "Fare" section of the reservation order screen or by pressing the "Fare" button.

■How to check reservation service charge and issue receipt (after drop-off)

Launch S.RIDE application
Press "Menu".
Press "History".
Press "Ride History"
(if you want to issue a receipt)If you want to issue a receipt, click "Issue Receipt".

An electronic receipt will be issued at the same time for the fare paid by the reservation service. (Two receipts will be issued, one for the reservation service fee and the other for the fare.)

The following is an explanation of the service fee for the reserved dispatch service
The service fee is the amount displayed on the application when you place an order for a reserved ride.
The service fee varies depending on the area, time of day, and number of taxi available at that time.
The service fee will be collected by S.RIDE from the credit card registered in S.RIDE app when the cab to pick you up is confirmed.
S.RIDE does not issue paper receipts.
S.RIDE does not issue paper receipts. We will send you a separate page in one PDF file).

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