Airport flat rate

Airport flat rate

Airport flat rate is a service that allows you to move from the target pick-up point to Haneda Airport or Narita Airport at a fixed fare. Even if you encounter a traffic jam, you can move with a fixed fee, so you can rest assured. In addition, you can make a reservation on the app up to 20 minutes before pick-up, so you can make arrangements easier than by phone.

Supported departure locations

The S.RIDE app airport flat-rate can only be used in the 23 wards of Tokyo, Musashino City, and Mitaka City where the airport flat-rate is supported.
Airport flat-rate fares to Haneda Airport cannot be used for departures from Ota-ku, Shinagawa-ku, Meguro-ku, Minato-ku, Chuo-ku, and Koto-ku. It can be used in other wards, Musashino City, and Mitaka City.
Airport fixed fares to Narita Airport are available in the 23 wards of Tokyo, Musashino City, and Mitaka City.

Usage fee
Airport flat rate will be charged.
Please see Taxi fare for details.
Payment Method
Online payment only (CAB CARD mobile payment also accepted).
Apple Pay, QR code payment and in-car payment are not available.

How to use

1. Press the "Reserve" button at the bottom of the app screen
2. Move the pin on the map to the pick-up location.
3. Select the pick-up time and press "Next"
4. Press "No destination specified (Click here for airport flat rate)"
5. Press the airport flat rate at the top right of the screen
6. Choose a terminal at your destination airport※
7. Attention before ordering the airport flat rate will be displayed, so check the contents and press OK
8. Check the amount at the bottom left of the screen (If you want to know the breakdown of the amount, press the amount part. The breakdown will be displayed)
9. Slide the yellow knob on the screen to the right
10. The reservation is complete when the message "Order accepted" is displayed.
11. When the reservation is completed, the pick-up location and pick-up time will be displayed on the map.
12. You can check the details of the reservation by pressing "New Arrival" on the right side of the screen.

Airport flat rate breakdown

The following charges will be incurred each time you use the airport flat rate.
When using the airport flat-rate, it is assumed that you will use the Metropolitan Expressway, so you will be charged a toll road usage fee each time.

If you [ subscribe to S.RIDE Premium] , the reservation service usage fee will be 0 yen each time.

About flat-rate fare

Of the above fare breakdown, the flat fare is fixed for each pick-up location, so please check from the link below.

Please see the link below for fares and coverage areas for each pick-up location.(Tokyo Taxi Association)
Please check in advance as some airports at your destination do not support flat fares.
The late-night/early-morning extra fare is applied when everything from getting on to getting off is within the late-night/early-morning hours (22:00 to 5:00). Even if the reservation time is set before 22:00, if the actual boarding time is after 22:00, the "Late night and early morning extra fare" will be applied.
If you have a disability certificate, please be sure to show it to the crew when you board.

About reservation service usage fee

A reservation service usage fee will be charged in addition to the fixed fare and toll road usage fee each time you use the service. Please check the total amount displayed at the bottom left of the screen on the final screen of your order.(Tap the amount to see the breakdown)

For customers who have subscribed to S.RIDE Premium

The above reservation service usage fee will be 0 yen as many times as you like. Please subscribe to S.RIDE Premium and use the airport flat rate. Click here for more information on S.RIDE Premium.

About airport flat-rate usage

The airport fixed fare will be applied if you tell the driver that you want to use the airport fixed fare when you have the taxi dispatched by S.RIDE using the taxi stand at Haneda Airport or Narita Airport as the boarding point. Please note that the fixed airport fare does not apply to boarding at locations other than taxi stands. Also, please note that the fare displayed on the S.RIDE app will be the meter fare when using the airport flat rate from the airport.


Once you have ordered the airport flat rate, you cannot change to the meter fare. If you want to change, please cancel the reservation dispatch before the vehicle is confirmed.
Depending on the place of departure, the meter fare may be cheaper than the flat fare when you arrive at the airport, but if you place an order with the airport flat fare, you cannot change to the meter fare. Also, please note that it is not possible to change from a meter fare to a flat fare at the time of payment.
When ordering airport flat-rate, it is not possible to stop at another transit point on the route from the departure point to the destination (airport). Please order by meter fare when stopping at a transit point.
If you change the destination for your convenience, the fixed fare will not apply and we will collect the meter fare and pick-up fee. Please note that even if you forget something and return to the boarding point, the destination will be changed and the meter fare will be applied. In addition, the service usage fee for reservation dispatch will be collected even if you switch from the airport flat rate to the meter fare.
The airport flat rate of the S.RIDE app can only be used in areas that support airport flat rates within the areas of Tokyo's 23 wards, Musashino City, and Mitaka City.
Orders from the S.RIDE app do not support flat fares to Disney Resort.
The reservation dispatch of the S.RIDE app is a function to call a taxi by specifying the date and time, so we do not guarantee that you will definitely secure a taxi vehicle by using this function. Please allow enough time when making a reservation.

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